Founders of Drill: we help you when help is most needed

- 2021.09.02

The team of programmers, whoc previously worked at major IT companies ir Vilnius Lithuania and Barcelona, Spain and IT bootcamp founders have joined together to create Drill, a service for non-EU residents to make the European education more accessible. Here we discuss what inspired and what are the main benefits of using the platform.

What was the main inspiration for Drill?

“Many of our team have studied in different countries and we certainly know how difficult it actually is to prepare for going abroad, and of course how much money needs to be paid upfront. There are over 2,5 thousand universities and colleges in the EU with more than 16 thousand programmes available in english only in Europe. The tuition fees vary greatly from as low as 2000 eur to 10 000 eur per year and more. And in order to get a visa, you need to pay the first years tuition fee upfront. That is very difficult, as you need to put aside some money for flight tickets, dormitory and also have some saving as well. We have created this platform in cooperation with partnering credit institutions so we could be most helpful to prospect students”.

What do you think is the main advantage of Drill?

“The main benefit of Drill is that we come to help where there is almost no credit institutions which lend money to prospect students from the third countries. We pay the tuition fees so the money goes to the universities, which usually have a high credit score, however, the beneficiary is a prospect student”.

What is Drill created for?

“With Drill we target non-European prospect students. Most of our applicants come from Africa, Asia and South America. Most of our users are 19 to 24 years old, however, we have some elder candidates as well”.

What would you wish for the Drill users?

“First of all, we wish a very smooth and easy process with the applications, and secondly, we wish you successful studies in on of the European countries. We are sure it will be a journey as studying abroad always is! Good luck!”

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