Founders of Drill: robot will find you an ideal study programme in Europe

- 2021.09.02

Kim Di Centa, who has previously worked as Technical program manager at Facebook, and Algirdas Sabaliauskas, who is also one of the co-founders of a higher education institution Baltic Institute of technology, have joined together to create Drill, a service for non-EU residents to apply to thousands of European universities with basically one click. Here we discuss what inspired and what are the main benefits of using the platform.

What was the main inspiration for Drill?

“We have both studied in different countries and we certainly know how long it actually takes to research all options available. There are over 2,5 thousand universities and colleges in the EU with more than 16 thousand programmes available in english only. Many of the programmes are not even listed on bigger education portals, so if you really want to research them all, it takes a lot of time: it could be months until you research them all. And then you kind of understand that many of the institutions which accept students work in a really conservative way, so you have to send separate applications to each university. On top of that, even higher education institutions spend a lot of time validating the documents and data as it all can be done with proper algorythms. So this is how we got inspired to help both sides, students and institutions, to spend less time on a process which we believe should be easy and enjoyable”.

What do you think is the main advantage of Drill?

“The main benefit of Drill is that the app uses the algorythms to track all the universities in the EU, so it automatically updates tuition fees, entry requirements and all the information neccessary for the student. Also, as the app scans the student data, it anly matches the programmes for which the student meets the entry requirements. More tha 99% of cases we can manage to get the student admitted simply by letting the algorythms analyse the data and requirements. And there is more – many student want specific tuition fees, dormitory fees, even specific hourly rates for student jobs, specific visa extentions after studies – the good thing is that we let them choose by making our robots find the right match for them”.

What is an ideal user of the app?

“We have created the app specifically having in mind potential students outside the EU. You know, the local residents usually pick a local higher education institution, while the data and the right choice is extremely important for the ones coming to Europe from the outside. Many prospects want to save on tuition fees, many want a longer visa extention after studies so they can look for a job without stress. We believe that those prospects will find the app very helpful”.

What is an ideal user of the app?

“Certainly yes. Many prospects not only spend hundreds of hours researching study programmes throughout over 20 countries in the EU, but also spend quite some money on tests, application fees, even study agents. We encourage to save your money for study books instead and use our service instead”.

What would you wish for the Drill users?

“First of all, we wish a very smooth and easy process with our app, and secondly, we wish you successful studies in on of the European countries. We are sure it will be a journey as studying abroad always is! Good luck!”


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