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Victory - 2021.04.16

If you have already taken the IT skills test used by the Baltic Institute of Technology or other institutions, you will probably want to know more about its results. So what does this test measure? What skills do you value?

First of all, the test does not examine your knowledge, because when you decide to change your professional field, none of us usually have the knowledge required for a new specialty. And this is perfectly normal. However, the experience gained during studies and work develops certain skills that are very important and necessary for a new profession. We will find out during the test.

The test has a long history. The IT aptitude test for programming, design, analytics and other areas of IT is widely used worldwide. It has been in use for more than 50 years, and its origins, the IQ test, date back even longer.

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If you think the test only measures logic – you are wrong. This test also evaluates other much-needed features, the importance of which was determined by evaluating the long-term experience of IT specialists and the data collected by researchers. The questions that make up the test assess the following key competences and attributes:

Applicable to foreign universities

This test and its various variations are widely used in universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Scientific institutions around the world trust such a measure for two important reasons. School and university exams and other assessments do not always reflect a propensity for a particular area.

Probably each of you knows of cases where very talented people do not receive high ratings or, conversely, receive excessive ratings. Also, this test can more accurately indicate the more specific area of ​​IT that is most appropriate for a person and that best fits his or her abilities and characteristics.

Even with a long history of application, this test does not lose popularity and is widely used in various educational institutions.

What does the IT aptitude test reveal?

One of the most relevant questions for test participants is “Is this assessment important?”. The overall score, we think, is not very important. More importantly, which issues did you manage to overcome best. The pilot test consists of easy to intermediate level tasks. In our test application practice, the average of the test test scores is 8 points. Individuals with a score of 8 or more are invited to take an entrance test, which is a bit more complicated.

There are less than 3% of individuals who scored the maximum score on the entrance test. Thus, 97% of those who passed the more complex test make at least one mistake. And this is perfectly normal. The entrance test is the second part of the assessment, the tasks of which correspond to the level of ‘challenge’. In this test, you will solve tasks that you do not encounter on a daily basis, but when you work as a programmer, UX designer, or analyst, for example, you may encounter them from time to time.

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After completing it, you will receive a detailed analysis of each of the components of the test and a reasoned recommendation as to which IT area and program would be most suitable for you.

Personal characteristics not assessed by the test

As already mentioned, this test does not include qualities that are also important in most IT disciplines: creativity, time management, communication, the ability to work in a team, and the ability to learn quickly on your own. So, if you have these qualities, you will have to self-assess.

The ability to use time productively to not only be able to do daily work but also to improve on a daily basis is crucial in today’s market. During your studies, you will have to work hard and still find time for learning, as employees are required to constantly improve in both design and programming, testing or marketing.

You will also need to learn to work in a team, as one large project will not succeed, and you will need to collaborate regularly with other IT professionals. Creativity is not only important for designers, because you will have the flexibility to look for solutions and apply them even in the most confusing situations.

The pilot test is only the first part of the evaluation Interested?

We invite you to test your strength and take a pilot IT skills test.

Only after passing the pilot test will you receive information about the entrance test. Well, for those who have already taken the first part of the test and scored a sufficient number of points, we invite you to register and take the second, more difficult part.

Don’t be scared, the issues will be much more difficult, but that shouldn’t stop you. After completing the second part of the assessment, you will receive more detailed information about your abilities.

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