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“I got this idea to go study in Europe about 2 months before I actually came. It has been a journey, since I had difficulties adjusting to the weather changes, but not it is just better. Much better. It is really nice here”

- Babatunde

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“Unlike my peers, I’ve always looked toward Europe, while my friends would think of the US. I chose the home of a thousand cultures. Even though I have been thinking of it for about 5 years...”

- Josemaria

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“I always had this dream of studying in Europe. I started planning it right after I got my degree in Nigeria. And when you think of the process, it takes only 3 months. I recommend everybody to come study in Europe. I am really happy here”

- Leonard

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“I did my bachelors in India and I have decided to do my masters here. There are so many possibilities here, so many countries and cultures, so Europe was my destination. I haven’t seen winter, it was really beautiful to see”

- Nathesh

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“I couldn't believe that it took only 3 months. The application process was very very easy. They only requested the documents, I sent them to them and within 3 months here I am: good university, good lecturers, friendly people”

- Adeyinka

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“I set this plan of going for studies abroad back when I was in university in my country. It took me only about a month for the whole process before getting here. And here it was a bit weird as I had to get used to the weather and all...”

- Michael

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“I got this idea to go study in Europe about 2 months before I actually came. It has been a journey, since I had difficulties adjusting to the weather changes, but not it is just better. Much better. It is really nice here”

- Christian

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How to apply to a university in Europe if you are not from EU/EEA
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Pricing Plans
Ultimate Plan
You will get 80% discount for an unlimited number of application fees
You will get one-on-one study abroad consultant counseling until you get admitted
€399 ($438) one-time payment
Premium plan
You will get a 50% discount for an unlimited number of application fees
€199 ($229) one-time payment
Basic Plan
You will pay yourself for every programme you want to enroll in
You will get limited customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

With Drill you submit your application only once; You upload your documents once and our system will check your requirements on over 25 thousand programs in Europe for you. It means that You do not need to apply to multiple universities, instead you will be applying through Drill to only the ones which actually meet your criteria and have the highest likelihood of accepting you.

With Drill you can choose the tuition fee, the programs that you are interested on, your desired housing fees, student work rates, student work visa types, visa types after graduation and more. Drill will then select the best programs that match your criteria.

If you choose the premium plan, you will get a full refund when not admitted by any university (A university will send you a notification via Drill when you are fully or conditionally admitted). However, You will not get a refund if you provide false information and documents, or if you will successfully get an admission notification.

Drill pays your application fees only with the Premium plan. After analyzing your interests and verifying your documents, Drill algorithms will choose the best matches for you and send you application to the universities. Then based data and likelihood of acceptance rate, We will pay up to two application fees for the programs with the highest chance of admission.

Usually you may get a conditional or a full admission. Conditional means that you may need to provide the original and/or notarized/apostilled version of your documents and certificates or additional information. You will start communicating with the admission department of that university until they send you a visa invitation to an embassy in your country/region. Before going to the embassy you usually should already be in possession of flight tickets, have your tuition fee paid and this is when you may reserve a dormitory in Europe.

With the free plan the process may take up to 8 months. However, with the premium plan you usually get a result between 3 and 6 months after the full application is completed.